[mi:n] I adjective
1) (not generous (with money etc): He's very mean (with his money / over pay).) skop
2) (likely or intending to cause harm or annoyance: It is mean to tell lies.) grd
3) ((especially American) bad-tempered, vicious or cruel: a mean mood.) popadljiv
4) ((of a house etc) of poor quality; humble: a mean dwelling.) reven
- meanness
- meanie
II 1. adjective
1) ((of a statistic) having the middle position between two points, quantities etc: the mean value on a graph.) srednji
2) (average: the mean annual rainfall.) povprečen
2. noun
(something that is midway between two opposite ends or extremes: Three is the mean of the series one to five.) sredina
III 1. past tense, past participle - meant; verb
1) (to (intend to) express, show or indicate: `Vacation' means `holiday'; What do you mean by (saying/doing) that?) pomeniti
2) (to intend: I meant to go to the exhibition but forgot; For whom was that letter meant?; He means (= is determined) to be a rich man some day.) nameravati
2. adjective
((of a look, glance etc) showing a certain feeling or giving a certain message: The teacher gave the boy a meaning look when he arrived late.) pomenljiv
- meaningless
- be meant to
- mean well
* * *
I [mi:n]
nizek, navaden, manjvreden (stan, rod); boren, reven, oguljen, odrgnjen, umazan; nepomemben; prostaški, nizkoten, podel; skop, stiskaški; American colloquially popadljiv, hudoben (konj); American colloquially bolehen
mean birth — nizek rod
no mean achievement — zelo dober uspeh
no mean foe — sovražnik, ki ni za podcenjevanje
no mean scholar — pametna glava. pomemben učenjak
American mean white — siromašen belec na jugu ZDA
American to feel mean over — sramovati se česa
II [mi:n]
srednji, povprečen
mean life — povprečna življenjska doba
mean annual temperature — povprečna letna temperatura
III [mi:n]
sredina; povprečje, povprečnost; (plural z glagolom v singular) sredstvo, način; plural premoženje
a means of communication — občilo
a means of transportation — prometno sredstvo
means of production — proizvodna sredstva
to be a means of — bitt česa kriv, biti povod za kaj
by means of — s pomočjo
by any means — na kakršenkoli način
by all (manner of) means — vsekakor, na vsak način, za vsako ceno
by no (manner of) means — ali not by any means — nikakor, na noben način
by this means or other — tako ali drugače
by fair (foul) means — na pošten (nepošten) način
the end justifies the means — namen posvečuje sredstva
a means to an end — sredstvo za dosego cilja
the golden ( —ali happy) mean — zlata sredina
to live beyond one's means — živeti preko svojih razmer
a man of means — premožen človek
ways and means — pota in načini
British English means test — preveritev premoženjskih razmer delavca, ki prejema socialno podporo
IV [mi:n]
transitive verb
nameravati, imeti vmislih, kaniti, hoteti; (zlasti pasiv) nameniti (for za); meniti, misliti; pomeniti;
intransitive verb
pomeniti (to komu)
to mean business — resno misliti
to mean mischief — imeti zlobne namene, imeti kaj za bregom
to mean well — imeti dobre namene
to mean well (ill) by ( —ali to) s.o. — dobro (slabo) komu želeti, biti komu (ne)naklonjen
what do you mean by it? — kaj hočeš s tem reči?, kaj naj to pomeni?
I mean it — resno mislim
he was meant for a soldier — bil je namenjen za vojaka
that was meant for you — to je bilo namenjeno tebi
to mean little to s o. — komu malo pomeniti
I mean you to go — želim, da greš

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.

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